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62.9% of visits to eCommerce in Mexico come through smartphones

Susana GaleanoSUSANA GALEANOJULY 17, 2019
62.9% of visits to eCommerce in Mexico come through smartphones
The smartphones have come to revolutionize each
of our daily activities. Around the world, more and more users use
their smartphones to communicate, entertain and learn more about the world and
current news,
 and Mexico is no exception. According to the 
Mobile Shopping Apps Report carried out
Liftoff , a firm specialized in mobile
marketing and retargeting, in association with 
Adjust , more than half
(62.9%) of visits to eCommerce in Mexico are made through smartphones.
This report has analyzed more than
90.9 billion ad impressions in 13.6 million installations and 3.9 million
registration and purchase events between April 2018 and April 2019, revealing
the latest trends in 
mobile commerce for this 2019.
29.8% of users who download a shopping app register
in it.
Shopping apps have
captivated the global audience
Visits to eCommerce in Mexico and
Latin America are not limited to this region. According to the data
revealed by 
AMVO , 6 out of 10
Mexican consumers shop online on foreign sites.
This is a fact that has been
corroborated by the Mobile Shopping Apps report, since it ensures that the low
costs of advertising to acquire and convert users (either in registrations or
purchases) allow foreign companies to find more growth opportunities.
in sales in Latin America.
The study highlights that 29.8%
of users who install an app register
 , suggesting that consumers value
the benefits offered by purchasing apps. In addition, 10.5% of
users who install an app of these characteristics make the purchase
which represents a 49.1% increase compared to the previous year.
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use of transactional apps in Mexico increased 101% in 2019
Brand Commerce,
Marketplace and Value-Add
Within the report three
 are mentioned in relation to different categories
of shopping apps:
Brand Commerce : refers to apps belonging to the brands or retailers, which as a
characteristic show solid brand confidence that increases genuine interest in
their offers. However, the report indicates that the percentage of users
who acquire after installing these apps decreased 43.6% compared to the
previous year, which may have happened due to bad experiences, either due to
the route or access to purchase or due to the lack of personalization.
Marketplace : These apps sell products that belong to other brands or merchants,
a clear example is Alibaba. In addition to taking advantage of the growing
trend in mobile shopping growth, they meet consumer expectations by offering a
large assortment and attractive prices.
The report has indicated that they
have an installation-to-purchase rate of 11.8%, which represents more than
double compared to the previous year.
Value-Add : company
apps that give an additional purchase value to the user. The data from the
report indicates that apps in this category fail to hit the target audience
because they fail to convey the value offer to their users, or because the
campaigns they conduct need to be updated to boost their participation.
Visits to eCommerce
in Mexico shoot from smartphones
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